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Schlossman Abraham M.D. F.A.C.S.
Contact and Intraocular Lens Medical Journal: January-June 1975
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The problems of the diagnosis and treatment of myopic individuals with glaucoma are quite different from those of non-myopes. This paper is written from the point of view of the myopic patient who may develop glaucoma, not from that of the glaucoma patient who may have myopia.

It is difficult to estimate the percentage of cases with glaucoma among patients with myopia. There are several factors which affect the statistics and thus make it difficult to evaluate the percentages given by various authors in the literature. In 1948, A. Posner and I1 found among 538 glaucomatous eyes 83 eyes (or 15.5%) with myopia greater than 0.75 diopters. This would suggest that approximately the same percentages of myopic patients with glaucoma exist among glaucomatous patients as do myopic individuals among the population in general. K. Hruby's figures also support this assumption. Thus, the frequency of glaucoma in myopes is at least the same as in the general population. In fact, my experience during the past few years leads me to think that glaucoma is even more frequent among myopes, but I do not have the statistics to prove this.

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