Updated:   8/9/2013
Contains:  10 items
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Consensus Statements

Creator:   Willem Meeuwisse, MD, PhD
Updated:   4/12/2010
Contains:  11 items
Welcome to the CJSM Collection of Consensus Statements. We have compiled a special list of articles that are world-leading. They represent international consensus and agreement statements that shape practice in areas of clinical importance and controversy such as preparticipation evaluation, concussion and hyponatremia. We have also included papers that set the stage for future research on injury surveillance and prevention in sport. LWW has kindly provided many of these manuscripts free of charge.

Free Access

Creator:   Willem Meeuwisse, MD, PhD
Updated:   4/4/2017
Contains:  22 items
New! The Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine now features one free access article in every issue. This special collection will compile the CJSM Free Access archive as it grows issue by issue.

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Updated:   3/26/2015
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