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​The Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine Blog offers the opportunity for clinicians with a primary interest in sports medicine practice to discuss issues in the world of sport and exercise medicine, and acts as a community platform for knowledge sharing and promoting and disseminating best practice for our patients.

We hope to highlight current ’hot topics,’ cutting-edge practice and ideas looking towards the future, plus ongoing issues and areas of research. In addition, we will act as a platform for the discussion of relevant events in sport and medicine in general.

This is a forum where you can interact with your colleagues, learn from each other, and have fun along the way. Please share your ideas and let us know how you have used journal articles and research to help to evolve your practice, and how that has worked for you and your patients.

Regular blog posts will come from both the Journal editorial staff and from guest bloggers, and we welcome ideas for articles and themes in both the blog itself and in forthcoming editions of the Journal.

Don’t be shy, share your thoughts and join in at

James MacDonald, MD, MPH
Emerging Media Editor
Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.


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