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CJSM Blog Post Guidelines

Thank you for considering to submit a blog post to the CJSM blog,

The CJSM blog offers the opportunity for Clinicians with a primary interest in Sports Medicine practice to discuss issues in the world of Sport and Exercise Medicine, and acts as a community platform for knowledge sharing and promoting and disseminating best practice for our patients.

The CJSM Blog is freely accessible to both CJSM subscribers and non subscribers.  Comments from both clinicians and non-clinicians may be posted in response to blog posts, subject to moderation by the Web Editor.

Kindly follow the guidelines for blog posts as outlined here:

  • Content should focus on ‘hot topics,’ cutting-edge practice, or ongoing issue and research
  • Encourage discussion wherever possible
  • Link to existing or previous peer-reviewed journal content published by CJSM or another like journal (encouraged but not always necessary)
  • 200-500 word limit
  • You may include 1-3 images as JPEG, TIFF, GIF or BMP files no more than 2MB each
  • Copyright restrictions for images to be sought in advance where necessary and passed to the Web Editor at the time of blog submission
  • References as appropriate should follow the standards outlined on the CJSM Instructions for Authors (complete references not necessary as long as weblinks to articles are supplied to corresponding online journal articles or abstracts) – visit and click “For Authors” for more information
  • Standard rules on patient anonymity, informed consent, and plagiarism apply – visit and click “For Authors” for more information
  • Web-links to external site content should be clearly underlined and highlighted in the text, with the URL stated alongside in brackets and website referenced as per this example: 

‘ can be seen in this report ( on the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine website.’

Blog posts should be emailed in standard email format, or in Microsoft Word compatible format to the Web Editor at [email protected].

If you require further information or assistance with the preparation of your blog post, please contact the Web Editor at [email protected].


Thank you,

James MacDonald, MD, MPH
Emerging Media Editor, Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine