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June 2023 - Volume 14 - Issue 2

  • Nady el-Guebaly, C.M. MD FRCPC
  • 2368-4739
  • Quarterly
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​​​​​​​​​ ​​Seeking Empirical Evidence for the Role of Pets

As our communities reflect on the impact of COVID, our most recent pandemic, attention is being increasingly paid to our experiences with the lack of connection which arose from the isolation associated with the various public health measures advocated for public protection.

Dell and Butt, in a creative commentary, address the potential remedial benefits of animal companionship, which is receiving increased public support. Pets now appear to be present on public transportation, restaurants, care facilities, and other settings where animals were not previously welcome. Surprisingly, it is reported that the many attempts to garner empirical evidence on the positive role of pets have led to inconclusive results. 

​Read the full editorial here​. 

Nady el-Guebaly, C.M., MD, FRCPC

Editor in Chief, CJA-JCA​

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