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Narrative Review of Cannabidiol as an Antipsychotic and Recommendations for Legal Regulations: Erratum

The Canadian Journal of Addiction: December 2018 - Volume 9 - Issue 4 - p 24
doi: 10.1097/CXA.0000000000000040
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In the article that appeared on pages 23–29 of the Canadian Journal of Addiction September 2018 issue,1 the disclosures of Robert Tanguay were not provided in the journal, and they are:

• Relationships with financial interests:

Grants/Research Support: Canopy, Otsuka, Pfizer, Perdue, Shire, Jansen, Sunovion, Lundbeck, Allergan

Speakers Bureau/Honoraria: Indivior, Canopy, Pfizer, Otsuka, Lundbeck

Consulting Fees: Lundbeck, Indivior, Allergan

Other: Independent CME - MD Briefcase Independent CME; Owner- RLT Conferences; Private- PFSP, CPSA, ABVMA, City of Calgary, Gov’t of Ab, ASEBP, Shell, Insurance Companies, Law Firms

The omission was not discovered until after the article published in the issue. The journal regrets this error.


1. Walkey LRL, Tanguay RL, el-Guebaly N. Narrative review of cannabidiol as an antipsychotic and recommendations for legal regulations. Can J Addict 2018;9:23–29.
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