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This blog features news, information, and other content that supplements CIN, ANI Connection, and CIN Plus, as well as updates on nursing informatics conferences and events.

Monday, February 15, 2016

CIN Plus features innovations, emerging technologies, and professional perspectives related to technology in nursing practice, education and research. It offers authors the flexibility to express ideas and describe innovations that are not scientific research. We are actively promoting CIN Plus publications via social media, so this is a great opportunity to increase your visibility and highlight important projects that aren’t necessarily tied to research studies.
What kinds of topics are right for CIN Plus?
Case reports describing innovative uses of technology in nursing practice, education, and research.
Emerging technologies with potential application in nursing
HIT (health information technology) policy and its relationship to nursing and/or nursing informatics
Reports from working groups, expert panels and other organized nursing informatics endeavors
Brief reviews or perspective papers related to nursing informatics
How long are CIN Plus manuscripts?
10-12 double-spaced pages (2500-3000 words). For details, scroll down.
Is CIN Plus peer reviewed?
How do I submit?
Submit through CIN’s editorial manager system. During the submission process, you have the option of designating your submission as a CIN Plus submission.
Who can I contact with questions? I am happy to field your questions related to CIN Plus and I can be reached at [email protected]