Welcome to the new CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing.

The year 2011 heralds significant changes in the way CIN publishes, with substantial benefits for readers and authors alike.

After publishing dozens of articles over the years on the use of the Internet for patient education and research, the journal has made the transition to a monthly online presence. Beginning with Issue 2, CIN will publish new, original content ONLINE each month. This represents a near doubling in the number of peer-reviewed, research-based articles delivered to subscribers.

The ANI Connection will provide monthly reports on the latest developments and projects in nursing informatics and activities of the member organizations of the Alliance for Nursing Informatics (ANI), while monthly CIN Plus articles will continue the tradition of quick-access and “how to” pieces that give readers practical and useful information for their day-to-day work.

In addition, manuscripts that are accepted are now fast tracked for publication ahead of print. I am very pleased at the way this will allow authors to report on their work in a much more timely fashion. Not only will this increase the body of literature on nursing informatics as it applies to clinical practice, administration, education, and research, the ripple effect will benefit patients and healthcare in the broader sphere.  Articles will be prepared for publication and appear in PDF form on cinjournal.com within weeks after acceptance (click on the Published Ahead-of-Print button above).

CIN will also continue to publish bimonthly print collections of articles that will now be grouped on relevant themes. Each themed issue will be made archived online on our Topical Collection page.  In 2011, I have planned a series of collections that should intrigue and enlighten readers, and provide a valuable information resource for future research:

  • Attitudes of Nurses Towards Computers & Informatics (Nov/Dec 2011)
  • Informatics, Technology and Nursing Education (Jan/Feb 2012)
  • The Impact of Informatics on the Cancer Experience (Mar/Apr 2012)

The inaugural issue features a topical collection of five articles that explores various aspects of how informatics can benefit patients through education and support. Preventing falls, managing chronic illnesses, and increasing awareness for smoking cessation combined multimedia approaches, web-based education, and the used of mobile devices provide information that is both fascinating in its application as well as practical. I hope you enjoy reading these contributions as much as I enjoyed reviewing and editing them for publication.  

CIN’s regular feature, The Net Nomad, will explore Internet resources that further complement these themes in each of the topical collection issues.

And how will readers and authors find out when the latest developments on the frontier of nursing informatics are available? By following the journal on Twitter and Facebook or signing up for the RSS feed at cinjournal.com, you’ll know when the freshest fast-tracked articles have been posted prior to publication. You can also sign up for electronic tables of content alerts to be notified when each issue, with the latest ANI Connection and CIN Plus articles, becomes available.

Please join me in welcoming CIN to the 21st century!

Leslie Nicoll, PhD, MBA, RN-BC
Editor in Chief