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Critical Care Nursing Quarterly (CCNQ)
is a peer-reviewed journal that provides current practice-oriented information for the continuing education and improved clinical practice of critical care professionals, including nurses, physicians, and allied health care professionals.

Publication & Editorial Staff Contacts

Theresa Steltzer

Vice President, Journal Publishing
Jennifer E. Brogan

Director, Continuing Education and Conferences
Karen E. Innocent, MS, APRN, BC, CRNP, CMSRN

Senior Marketing Manager
Christen Melcher

Translation, Rights & Licensing
[email protected]

Production Editor
Justin Peeples

LWW Business Offices
Two Commerce Square
2001 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Janet M. Barber, MSN, RN, FAAFS
Greensburg, Indiana
Adjunct Associate Professor,
Indiana University School of Nursing
Indianapolis, Indiana
[email protected]