December 2021 - Volume 49 - Issue 12 : Critical Care Medicine

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December 2021 - Volume 49 - Issue 12
pp: 2001-2166,e1196-e1279

The Impact of Strict Public Health Restrictions on Pediatric Critical Illness*

Maddux, Aline B.; Campbell, Kristen; Woodruff, Alan G.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):2033-2041, December 2021.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 as Cause of Viral Sepsis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis*

Karakike, Eleni; Giamarellos-Bourboulis, Evangelos J.; Kyprianou, Miltiades; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):2042-2057, December 2021.

Sepsis Among Medicare Beneficiaries: 4. Precoronavirus Disease 2019 Update January 2012–February 2020

Frank, Charles E.; Buchman, Timothy G.; Simpson, Steven Q.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):2058-2069, December 2021.

Association Between an Increase in Serum Sodium and In-Hospital Mortality in Critically Ill Patients*

Grim, Chloe C. A.; Termorshuizen, Fabian; Bosman, Robert J.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):2070-2079, December 2021.

Epidemiology, Outcomes, and Trends of Patients With Sepsis and Opioid-Related Hospitalizations in U.S. Hospitals*

Alrawashdeh, Mohammad; Klompas, Michael; Kimmel, Simeon; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):2102-2111, December 2021.

Thiamine, Ascorbic Acid, and Hydrocortisone As a Metabolic Resuscitation Cocktail in Sepsis: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials With Trial Sequential Analysis*

Assouline, Benjamin; Faivre, Anna; Verissimo, Thomas; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):2112-2120, December 2021.

Increased Glucocorticoid Receptor Alpha Expression and Signaling in Critically Ill Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients*

Vassiliou, Alice G.; Athanasiou, Nikolaos; Keskinidou, Chrysi; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):2131-2136, December 2021.

Prevalence and Clinical Impact of Reduced Coagulation Factor XII Activity in Patients Receiving Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation

Buchtele, Nina; Schwameis, Michael; Schellongowski, Peter; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):e1206-e1211, December 2021.

Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke Among Critically Ill Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019: An International Multicenter Coronavirus Disease 2019 Critical Care Consortium Study*

Cho, Sung-Min; Premraj, Lavienraj; Fanning, Jonathon; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):e1223-e1233, December 2021.

Use of Corticosteroids During Intra- or Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests: Not Without Concomitant Use of Vasopressin and Epinephrine. We Should Not Mix Intra- and Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests!

Honore, Patrick M.; Redant, Sebastien; Preseau, Thierry; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):e1258-e1259, December 2021.

The authors reply

Higgins, Thomas L.; Stark, Maureen M.; Henson, Kathy; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):e1262, December 2021.

The authors reply

Rengel, Kimberly F.; Shotwell, Matthew S.; Hughes, Christopher G.

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):e1269-e1270, December 2021.

The authors reply

Higgins, Thomas L.; Freeseman-Friedman, Laura; Henson, Kathy N.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):e1272-e1273, December 2021.

The authors reply

Chatzis, Georgios; Syntila, Styliani; Schieffer, Bernhard; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):e1275-e1276, December 2021.

The authors reply

Chatzis, Georgios; Syntila, Styliani; Schieffer, Bernhard; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(12):e1277-e1278, December 2021.