October 2021 - Volume 49 - Issue 10 : Critical Care Medicine

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October 2021 - Volume 49 - Issue 10
pp: 1589-1847,e902-e1062

International Critical Care—From an Indulgence of the Best-Funded Healthcare Systems to a Core Need for the Provision of Equitable Care

Lumb, Philip D.; Adler, Diane C.; Al Rahma, Hussain; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):1589-1605, October 2021.

Discriminating Bacterial and Viral Infection Using a Rapid Host Gene Expression Test*

Tsalik, Ephraim L.; Henao, Ricardo; Montgomery, Jesse L.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):1651-1663, October 2021.

A Novel 29-Messenger RNA Host-Response Assay From Whole Blood Accurately Identifies Bacterial and Viral Infections in Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department With Suspected Infections: A Prospective Observational Study*

Bauer, Wolfgang; Kappert, Kai; Galtung, Noa; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):1664-1673, October 2021.

Application of Full-Spectrum Rapid Clinical Genome Sequencing Improves Diagnostic Rate and Clinical Outcomes in Critically Ill Infants in the China Neonatal Genomes Project*

Wu, Bingbing; Kang, Wenqing; Wang, Yingyuan; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):1674-1683, October 2021.

Design of Clinical Trials Evaluating Sedation in Critically Ill Adults Undergoing Mechanical Ventilation: Recommendations From Sedation Consortium on Endpoints and Procedures for Treatment, Education, and Research (SCEPTER) Recommendation III

Ward, Denham S.; Absalom, Anthony R.; Aitken, Leanne M.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):1684-1693, October 2021.

Limiting Acute Kidney Injury Progression In Sepsis: Study Protocol and Trial Simulation*

Molinari, Luca; Heskia, Fabienne; Peerapornratana, Sadudee; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):1706-1716, October 2021.

Comparison of Circulating Immune Cells Profiles and Kinetics Between Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Bacterial Sepsis*

de Roquetaillade, Charles; Mansouri, Sehmi; Brumpt, Caren; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):1717-1725, October 2021.

Functional Outcomes and Their Association With Physical Performance in Mechanically Ventilated Coronavirus Disease 2019 Survivors at 3 Months Following Hospital Discharge: A Cohort Study

van Gassel, Rob J. J.; Bels, Julia; Remij, Loes; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):1726-1738, October 2021.

Validation of a Crisis Standards of Care Model for Prioritization of Limited Resources During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Crisis in an Urban, Safety-Net, Academic Medical Center*

Nadjarian, Albert; LeClair, Jessica; Mahoney, Taylor F.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):1739-1748, October 2021.

Association of Early Multiple Organ Dysfunction With Clinical and Functional Outcomes Over the Year Following Traumatic Brain Injury: A Transforming Research and Clinical Knowledge in Traumatic Brain Injury Study

Krishnamoorthy, Vijay; Temkin, Nancy; Barber, Jason; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):1769-1778, October 2021.

Adherence to Lung-Protective Ventilation Principles in Pediatric Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A Pediatric Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Incidence and Epidemiology Study*

Bhalla, Anoopindar K.; Klein, Margaret J.; Emeriaud, Guillaume; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):1779-1789, October 2021.

Neuroprognostic Accuracy of Quantitative Versus Standard Pupillary Light Reflex for Adult Postcardiac Arrest Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis*

Wang, Chih-Hung; Wu, Cheng-Yi; Liu, Carolyn Chia-Yu; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):1790-1799, October 2021.

Prospective Validation of the Preschool Confusion Assessment Method for the ICU to Screen for Delirium in Infants Less Than 6 Months Old

Canter, Marguerite O.; Tanguturi, Yasas C.; Ellen Wilson, Jo; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):e902-e909, October 2021.

Stratification for Identification of Prognostic Categories In the Acute RESpiratory Distress Syndrome (SPIRES) Score

Villar, Jesús; González-Martín, Jesús M.; Ambrós, Alfonso; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):e920-e930, October 2021.

Epidemiology of Acute Kidney Injury After Neonatal Cardiac Surgery: A Report From the Multicenter Neonatal and Pediatric Heart and Renal Outcomes Network

Alten, Jeffrey A.; Cooper, David S.; Blinder, Joshua J.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):e941-e951, October 2021.

Admission Features Associated With Paroxysmal Sympathetic Hyperactivity After Traumatic Brain Injury: A Case-Control Study

Podell, Jamie E.; Miller, Serenity S.; Jaffa, Matthew N.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):e989-e1000, October 2021.

Prone Positioning of Nonintubated Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019—A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Ponnapa Reddy, Mallikarjuna; Subramaniam, Ashwin; Afroz, Afsana; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):e1001-e1014, October 2021.

Diminishing Efficacy of Prone Positioning With Late Application in Evolving Lung Injury

Xin, Yi; Martin, Kevin; Morais, Caio C. A.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):e1015-e1024, October 2021.

The authors reply

Graw, Jan Adriaan; Hunsicker, Oliver; Menk, Mario

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):e1044-e1045, October 2021.

The authors reply

Lai, Christopher; Teboul, Jean-Louis; Monnet, Xavier

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):e1046-e1047, October 2021.

The authors reply

DeMerle, Kimberley M.; Seymour, Christopher W.

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):e1048, October 2021.

The authors reply

Teoh, Jeremy Yuen-Chun; Chan, Vinson Wai-Shun

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):e1056-e1057, October 2021.

The authors reply

Rivosecchi, Ryan M.; Sanchez, Pablo G.

Critical Care Medicine. 49(10):e1059-e1060, October 2021.