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February 2020 - Volume 48 - Issue 2
pp: 137-272,e82-e164

Epigenetic Profiling in Severe Sepsis: A Pilot Study of DNA Methylation Profiles in Critical Illness*

Binnie, Alexandra; Walsh, Christopher J.; Hu, Pingzhao; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):142-150, February 2020.

Comparative Performance of Pulmonary Ultrasound, Chest Radiograph, and CT Among Patients With Acute Respiratory Failure*

Tierney, David M.; Huelster, Joshua S.; Overgaard, Josh D.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):151-157, February 2020.

Proteomics-Enriched Prediction Model for Poor Neurologic Outcome in Cardiac Arrest Survivors*

Distelmaier, Klaus; Muqaku, Besnik; Wurm, Raphael; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):167-175, February 2020.

Family Care Rituals in the ICU to Reduce Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Family Members—A Multicenter, Multinational, Before-and-After Intervention Trial*

Amass, Timothy H.; Villa, Gianluca; OMahony, Sean; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):176-184, February 2020.

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Thrombotic Complications Following Venovenous Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation: A CT Scan Study*

Parzy, Gabriel; Daviet, Florence; Persico, Nicolas; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):192-199, February 2020.

Time to Recognition of Sepsis in the Emergency Department Using Electronic Health Record Data: A Comparative Analysis of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, Sequential Organ Failure Assessment, and Quick Sequential Organ Failure Assessment

Prasad, Priya A.; Fang, Margaret C.; Abe-Jones, Yumiko; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):200-209, February 2020.

Timing of Tracheostomy in Pediatric Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis*

Abdelaal Ahmed Mahmoud M. Alkhatip, Ahmed; Younis, Mohamed; Jamshidi, Negar; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):233-240, February 2020.

Net Ultrafiltration Prescription and Practice Among Critically Ill Patients Receiving Renal Replacement Therapy: A Multinational Survey of Critical Care Practitioners

Murugan, Raghavan; Ostermann, Marlies; Peng, Zhiyong; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):e87-e97, February 2020.

Formyl Peptide Receptor-1 Blockade Prevents Receptor Regulation by Mitochondrial Danger-Associated Molecular Patterns and Preserves Neutrophil Function After Trauma

Itagaki, Kiyoshi; Kaczmarek, Elzbieta; Kwon, Woon Yong; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):e123-e132, February 2020.

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Lyons, Patrick G.; Edelson, Dana P.; Churpek, Matthew M.

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):e152-e153, February 2020.

The authors reply

Hiemstra, Bart; Eck, Ruben J.; Keus, Frederik; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):e154, February 2020.

The authors reply

Fux, Thomas; Holm, Manne; Corbascio, Matthias; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):e155-e156, February 2020.

The authors reply

Khanna, Ashish K.; Maheshwari, Kamal; Sessler, Daniel I.

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):e157-e158, February 2020.

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Michalsen, Andrej; Long, Ann C.; Ganz, Freda DeKeyser; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):e159, February 2020.

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Morgan, Ryan W.; Berg, Robert A.; Sutton, Robert M.

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):e160-e161, February 2020.

The authors reply

Afshar, Majid; Markossian, Talar; Joyce, Cara

Critical Care Medicine. 48(2):e162-e163, February 2020.