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August 2019 - Volume 47 - Issue 8
pp: 1011-1168,e614-e726

Monocyte Distribution Width: A Novel Indicator of Sepsis-2 and Sepsis-3 in High-Risk Emergency Department Patients*

Crouser, Elliott D.; Parrillo, Joseph E.; Seymour, Christopher W.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(8):1018-1025, August 2019.

Effect of Increasing Blood Pressure With Noradrenaline on the Microcirculation of Patients With Septic Shock and Previous Arterial Hypertension

Fiorese Coimbra, Karla Tuanny; de Freitas, Flávio Geraldo Rezende; Bafi, Antônio Tonete; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(8):1033-1040, August 2019.

A 360° Rotational Positioning Protocol of Organ Donors May Increase Lungs Available for Transplantation*

Mendez, Marissa A.; Fesmire, Alyssa J.; Johnson, Scott S.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(8):1058-1064, August 2019.

Predictive Accuracy of Quick Sequential Organ Failure Assessment for Hospital Mortality Decreases With Increasing Comorbidity Burden Among Patients Admitted for Suspected Infection*

Parks Taylor, Stephanie; McWilliams, Andrew; Taylor, Brice T.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(8):1081-1088, August 2019.

Association of Elevated Plasma Interleukin-18 Level With Increased Mortality in a Clinical Trial of Statin Treatment for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome*

Rogers, Angela J.; Guan, Jiazhen; Trtchounian, Anna; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(8):1089-1096, August 2019.

Association Between Critical Care Admissions and Cognitive Trajectories in Older Adults*

Schulte, Phillip J.; Warner, David O.; Martin, David P.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(8):1116-1124, August 2019.

Intracranial Hypertension and Cerebral Perfusion Pressure Insults in Adult Hypertensive Intraventricular Hemorrhage: Occurrence and Associations With Outcome

Ziai, Wendy C.; Thompson, Carol B.; Mayo, Steven; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(8):1125-1134, August 2019.

Growth and Changing Characteristics of Pediatric Intensive Care 2001–2016

Horak, Robin V.; Griffin, John F.; Brown, Ann-Marie; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(8):1135-1142, August 2019.

Glomerular Hyper- and Hypofiltration During Acute Circulatory Failure: Iohexol-Based Gold-Standard Descriptive Study

Salmon Gandonnière, Charlotte; Helms, Julie; Le Tilly, Olivier; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(8):e623-e629, August 2019.

Assessing Competence in Central Venous Catheter Placement by Pediatric Critical Care Fellows: A National Survey Study*

Boyer, Donald L.; Zurca, Adrian D.; Mason, Katherine; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(8):e654-e661, August 2019.

Frailty and Associated Outcomes and Resource Utilization Among Older ICU Patients With Suspected Infection

Fernando, Shannon M.; McIsaac, Daniel I.; Perry, Jeffrey J.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(8):e669-e676, August 2019.

Neurologic Complications of Infective Endocarditis: A Joint Model for a Septic Thromboembolism and Inflammatory Small Vessel Disease

Cantier, Marie; Sabben, Candice; Adle-Biassette, Homa; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(8):e685-e692, August 2019.