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March 2019 - Volume 47 - Issue 3
pp: 307-491,e166-e277

Sepsis Surveillance Using Adult Sepsis Events Simplified eSOFA Criteria Versus Sepsis-3 Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Criteria*

Rhee, Chanu; Zhang, Zilu; Kadri, Sameer S.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):307-314, March 2019.

Disagreement Between Clinicians and Score in Decision-Making Capacity of Critically Ill Patients*

Bertrand, Pierre-Marie; Pereira, Bruno; Adda, Mireille; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):337-344, March 2019.

A Comparison of the Mortality Risk Associated With Ventilator-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia and Nonventilator ICU-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia*

Ibn Saied, Wafa; Mourvillier, Bruno; Cohen, Yves; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):345-352, March 2019.

A Prognostic Enrichment Strategy for Selection of Patients With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Clinical Trials

Villar, Jesús; Ambrós, Alfonso; Mosteiro, Fernando; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):377-385, March 2019.

Transvenous Renal Biopsy of Critically Ill Patients: Safety and Diagnostic Yield

de Chambrun, Marc Pineton; Cluzel, Philippe; Brocheriou, Isabelle; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):386-392, March 2019.

Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: One-Year Survival and Neurobehavioral Outcome Among Infants and Children With In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest*

Meert, Kathleen L.; Guerguerian, Anne-Marie; Barbaro, Ryan; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):393-402, March 2019.

Improved Guideline Adherence and Reduced Brain Dysfunction After a Multicenter Multifaceted Implementation of ICU Delirium Guidelines in 3,930 Patients

Trogrlic, Zoran; van der Jagt, Mathieu; Lingsma, Hester; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):419-427, March 2019.

Confirming the Clinical Safety and Feasibility of a Bundled Methodology to Improve Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Involving a Head-Up/Torso-Up Chest Compression Technique

Pepe, Paul E.; Scheppke, Kenneth A.; Antevy, Peter M.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):449-455, March 2019.

The Fragility and Reliability of Conclusions of Anesthesia and Critical Care Randomized Trials With Statistically Significant Findings: A Systematic Review*

Grolleau, François; Collins, Gary S.; Smarandache, Andrei; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):456-462, March 2019.

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in Children With Thrombocytopenia-Associated Multiple Organ Failure: The Thrombocytopenia-Associated Multiple Organ Failure Network Prospective Experience

Fortenberry, James D.; Nguyen, Trung; Grunwell, Jocelyn R.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):e173-e181, March 2019.

A Pilot Study Identifying Brain-Targeting Adaptive Immunity in Pediatric Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Patients With Acquired Brain Injury

Ortega, Sterling B.; Pandiyan, Poornima; Windsor, Jana; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):e206-e213, March 2019.

Hemodynamic-Directed Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Improves Neurologic Outcomes and Mitochondrial Function in the Heart and Brain

Lautz, Andrew J.; Morgan, Ryan W.; Karlsson, Michael; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):e241-e249, March 2019.

The authors reply

Redfern, Oliver C.; Smith, Gary B.; Prytherch, David R.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):e266-e267, March 2019.

The authors reply

Smith, Andrew H.; Anand, Vijay; Banerjee, Mousumi; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):e268-e269, March 2019.

The authors reply

Kelly, Brendan J.; Lautenbach, Ebbing; Han, Jennifer H.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(3):e275-e276, March 2019.