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July 2018 - Volume 46 - Issue 7
pp: 1041-1208,e628-e732

One-Year Outcomes in Patients With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Enrolled in a Randomized Clinical Trial of Helmet Versus Facemask Noninvasive Ventilation

Patel, Bhakti K.; Wolfe, Krysta S.; MacKenzie, Erica L.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(7):1078-1084, July 2018.

Estimation of Extra Length of Stay Attributable to Hospital-Acquired Infections in Adult ICUs Using a Time-Dependent Multistate Model*

Ohannessian, Robin; Gustin, Marie-Paule; Bénet, Thomas; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(7):1093-1098, July 2018.

Effect of Administration of Ramelteon, a Melatonin Receptor Agonist, on the Duration of Stay in the ICU: A Single-Center Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial*

Nishikimi, Mitsuaki; Numaguchi, Atsushi; Takahashi, Kunihiko; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(7):1099-1105, July 2018.

Combined Biomarkers Predict Acute Mortality Among Critically Ill Patients With Suspected Sepsis*

Kelly, Brendan J.; Lautenbach, Ebbing; Nachamkin, Irving; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(7):1106-1113, July 2018.

End-of-Life Care in ICUs in East Asia: A Comparison Among China, Korea, and Japan

Park, So Young; Phua, Jason; Nishimura, Masaji; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(7):1114-1124, July 2018.

An Open-Loop, Physiologic Model–Based Decision Support System Can Provide Appropriate Ventilator Settings

Karbing, Dan Stieper; Spadaro, Savino; Dey, Nilanjan; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(7):e642-e648, July 2018.

Early Evidence of Sepsis-Associated Hyperperfusion—A Study of Cerebral Blood Flow Measured With MRI Arterial Spin Labeling in Critically Ill Septic Patients and Control Subjects*

Masse, Marie-Hélène; Richard, Marie Anne; D’Aragon, Frédérick; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(7):e663-e669, July 2018.

Feasibility and Safety of Intravascular Temperature Management for Severe Heat Stroke: A Prospective Multicenter Pilot Study

Yokobori, Shoji; Koido, Yuichi; Shishido, Hajime; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(7):e670-e676, July 2018.

Macrophage Polarization Favors Epithelial Repair During Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome*

Garnier, Marc; Gibelin, Aude; Mailleux, Arnaud A.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(7):e692-e701, July 2018.

The authors reply

Watanitanon, Arraya; Lyons, Vivian H.; Lele, Abhijit Vijay; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(7):e717-e718, July 2018.

The authors reply

Roberts, Brian W.; Mohr, Nicholas M.; Ablordeppey, Enyo; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(7):e718-e719, July 2018.