June 2018 - Volume 46 - Issue 6 : Critical Care Medicine

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June 2018 - Volume 46 - Issue 6
pp: 839-1040,e481-e627

Sedation Intensity in the First 48 Hours of Mechanical Ventilation and 180-Day Mortality: A Multinational Prospective Longitudinal Cohort Study*

Shehabi, Yahya; Bellomo, Rinaldo; Kadiman, Suhaini; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):850-859, June 2018.

Trends of Incidence and Risk Factors of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Elderly Patients Admitted to French ICUs Between 2007 and 2014*

Dananché, Cédric; Vanhems, Philippe; Machut, Anaïs; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):869-877, June 2018.

Is Overall Mortality the Right Composite Endpoint in Clinical Trials of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome?*

Villar, Jesús; Martínez, Domingo; Mosteiro, Fernando; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):892-899, June 2018.

Open Lung Biopsy in Nonresolving Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Commonly Identifies Corticosteroid-Sensitive Pathologies, Associated With Better Outcome*

Gerard, Ludovic; Bidoul, Thomas; Castanares-Zapatero, Diego; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):907-914, June 2018.

Unsupervised Analysis of Transcriptomics in Bacterial Sepsis Across Multiple Datasets Reveals Three Robust Clusters

Sweeney, Timothy E.; Azad, Tej D.; Donato, Michele; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):915-925, June 2018.

Liberal Glucose Control in ICU Patients With Diabetes: A Before-and-After Study*

Luethi, Nora; Cioccari, Luca; Biesenbach, Peter; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):935-942, June 2018.

Outcomes in Patients with Vasodilatory Shock and Renal Replacement Therapy Treated with Intravenous Angiotensin II

Tumlin, James A.; Murugan, Raghavan; Deane, Adam M.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):949-957, June 2018.

Interprofessional Care and Teamwork in the ICU

Donovan, Anne L.; Aldrich, J. Matthew; Gross, A. Kendall; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):980-990, June 2018.

Phenotyping Cardiac Arrest: Bench and Bedside Characterization of Brain and Heart Injury Based on Etiology

Uray, Thomas; Lamade, Andrew; Elmer, Jonathan; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):e508-e515, June 2018.

Short-Latency Positive Peak Following N20 Somatosensory Evoked Potential Is Superior to N20 in Predicting Neurologic Outcome After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Kim, Sung Wook; Oh, Joo Suk; Park, Jungtaek; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):e545-e551, June 2018.

RBC Transfusion Practice in Pediatric Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support

Muszynski, Jennifer A.; Reeder, Ron W.; Hall, Mark W.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):e552-e559, June 2018.

Does Regional Lung Strain Correlate With Regional Inflammation in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome During Nonprotective Ventilation? An Experimental Porcine Study*

Retamal, Jaime; Hurtado, Daniel; Villarroel, Nicolás; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):e591-e599, June 2018.

Biological Response to Time-Controlled Adaptive Ventilation Depends on Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Etiology*

Silva, Pedro Leme; Cruz, Fernanda Ferreira; Samary, Cynthia dos Santos; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):e609-e617, June 2018.

The authors reply

Kentish-Barnes, Nancy; Charpentier, Julien; Azoulay, Elie

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):e621-e622, June 2018.

The authors reply

Filopei, Jason; Acquah, Samuel; Bondarsky, Eric; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):e623-e624, June 2018.

The authors reply

Beesley, Sarah J.; Hopkins, Ramona O.; Holt-Lunstad, Julianne; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):e625, June 2018.

The authors reply

Bonnassieux, Martin; Schneider, Antoine G.; Kellum, John A.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(6):e626-e627, June 2018.