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September 2016 - Volume 44 - Issue 9
pp: 1635-1803,e782-e914

Cerebral Oximetry During Cardiac Arrest: A Multicenter Study of Neurologic Outcomes and Survival*

Parnia, Sam; Yang, Jie; Nguyen, Robert; More

Critical Care Medicine. 44(9):1663-1674, September 2016.

Cardiac Arrests Associated With Tracheal Intubations in PICUs: A Multicenter Cohort Study*

Shiima, Yuko; Berg, Robert A.; Bogner, Hillary R.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 44(9):1675-1682, September 2016.

Predicting Performance Status 1 Year After Critical Illness in Patients 80 Years or Older: Development of a Multivariable Clinical Prediction Model

Heyland, Daren K.; Stelfox, Henry T.; Garland, Allan; More

Critical Care Medicine. 44(9):1718-1726, September 2016.

Plasma Concentrations of Soluble Suppression of Tumorigenicity-2 and Interleukin-6 Are Predictive of Successful Liberation From Mechanical Ventilation in Patients With the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome*

Alladina, Jehan W.; Levy, Sean D.; Hibbert, Kathryn A.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 44(9):1735-1743, September 2016.

Development of Novel Criteria of the “Lethal Triad” as an Indicator of Decision Making in Current Trauma Care: A Retrospective Multicenter Observational Study in Japan

Endo, Akira; Shiraishi, Atsushi; Otomo, Yasuhiro; More

Critical Care Medicine. 44(9):e797-e803, September 2016.

Fibrinogen γ-Chain Peptide–Coated Adenosine 5' Diphosphate–Encapsulated Liposomes Rescue Mice From Lethal Blast Lung Injury via Adenosine Signaling*

Hagisawa, Kohsuke; Kinoshita, Manabu; Miyawaki, Hiroki; More

Critical Care Medicine. 44(9):e827-e837, September 2016.

Comparative Effects of Volutrauma and Atelectrauma on Lung Inflammation in Experimental Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Güldner, Andreas; Braune, Anja; Ball, Lorenzo; More

Critical Care Medicine. 44(9):e854-e865, September 2016.