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February 2015 - Volume 43 - Issue 2
pp: 259-509,e38-e64

Nonbeneficial Treatment Canada: Definitions, Causes, and Potential Solutions From the Perspective of Healthcare Practitioners*

Downar, James; You, John J.; Bagshaw, Sean M.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(2):270-281, February 2015.

Fluid Management With a Simplified Conservative Protocol for the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome*

Grissom, Colin K.; Hirshberg, Eliotte L.; Dickerson, Justin B.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(2):288-295, February 2015.

Hemodynamics and Vasopressor Support During Targeted Temperature Management at 33°C Versus 36°C After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Post Hoc Study of the Target Temperature Management Trial*

Bro-Jeppesen, John; Annborn, Martin; Hassager, Christian; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(2):318-327, February 2015.

Coenrollment in a Randomized Trial of High-Frequency Oscillation: Prevalence, Patterns, Predictors, and Outcomes*

Cook, Deborah J.; Ferguson, Niall D.; Hand, Lori; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(2):328-338, February 2015.

Novel Avian-Origin Influenza A (H7N9) in Critically Ill Patients in China*

Yang, Yi; Guo, Fengmei; Zhao, Wei; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(2):339-345, February 2015.

A Clinical Classification of the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome for Predicting Outcome and Guiding Medical Therapy*

Villar, Jesús; Fernández, Rosa L.; Ambrós, Alfonso; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(2):346-353, February 2015.

Failure of Anticoagulant Thromboprophylaxis: Risk Factors in Medical-Surgical Critically Ill Patients*

Lim, Wendy; Meade, Maureen; Lauzier, Francois; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(2):401-410, February 2015.

Is Copeptin Level Associated With 1-Year Mortality After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest? Insights From the Paris Registry*

Geri, Guillaume; Dumas, Florence; Chenevier-Gobeaux, Camille; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(2):422-429, February 2015.

Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest From Brain Cause: Epidemiology, Clinical Features, and Outcome in a Multicenter Cohort*

Arnaout, Michel; Mongardon, Nicolas; Deye, Nicolas; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(2):453-460, February 2015.

Recommendations for the Role of Extracorporeal Treatments in the Management of Acute Methanol Poisoning: A Systematic Review and Consensus Statement

Roberts, Darren M.; Yates, Christopher; Megarbane, Bruno; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(2):461-472, February 2015.

The authors reply

Lilly, Craig M.; Landry, Karen E.; Sood, Rahul N.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(2):e61-e62, February 2015.