August 2014 - Volume 42 - Issue 8
pp: 1749-1968,e550-e609

Empiric Antibiotic Treatment Reduces Mortality in Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock From the First Hour: Results From a Guideline-Based Performance Improvement Program*

Ferrer, Ricard; Martin-Loeches, Ignacio; Phillips, Gary; More

Critical Care Medicine. 42(8):1749-1755, August 2014.

Minimizing Door-to-Balloon Time Is Not the Most Critical Factor in Improving Clinical Outcome of ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction Patients Undergoing Primary Percutaneous...

Ho, Yuan-Chih; Tsai, Tzu-Hsien; Sung, Pei-Hsun; More

Critical Care Medicine. 42(8):1788-1796, August 2014.

Initial Lactate and Lactate Change in Post–Cardiac Arrest: A Multicenter Validation Study*

Donnino, Michael W.; Andersen, Lars W.; Giberson, Tyler; More

Critical Care Medicine. 42(8):1804-1811, August 2014.

Influence of a-Stat and pH-Stat Blood Gas Management Strategies on Cerebral Blood Flow and Oxygenation in Patients Treated With Therapeutic Hypothermia After Out-of-Hospital...

Voicu, Sebastian; Deye, Nicolas; Malissin, Isabelle; More

Critical Care Medicine. 42(8):1849-1861, August 2014.

Statins and Delirium During Critical Illness: A Multicenter, Prospective Cohort Study*

Morandi, Alessandro; Hughes, Christopher G.; Thompson, Jennifer L.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 42(8):1899-1909, August 2014.

Minocycline But Not Tigecycline Is Neuroprotective and Reduces the Neuroinflammatory Response Induced by the Superimposition of Sepsis Upon Traumatic Brain Injury*

Adembri, Chiara; Selmi, Valentina; Vitali, Luca; More

Critical Care Medicine. 42(8):e570-e582, August 2014.

Propofol Ameliorates Hyperglycemia-Induced Cardiac Hypertrophy and Dysfunction via Heme Oxygenase-1/Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 Signaling Pathway in Rats*

Xu, Jinjin; Li, Haobo; Irwin, Michael G.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 42(8):e583-e594, August 2014.

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