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April 2013 - Volume 41 - Issue 4
pp: 935-1163,e34-e41

Fluid Resuscitation of Adults With Severe Falciparum Malaria Effects on Acid-Base Status, Renal Function, and Extravascular Lung Water*

Hanson, Josh P.; Lam, Sophia W.K.; Mohanty, Sanjib; More

Critical Care Medicine. 41(4):972-981, April 2013.

Sustained Elevation of Circulating Growth and Differentiation Factor-15 and a Dynamic Imbalance in Mediators of Muscle Homeostasis Are Associated With the Development of Acute Muscle Wasting Following Cardiac Surgery*

Bloch, Susannah A.A.; Lee, Jen Y.; Wort, S. John; More

Critical Care Medicine. 41(4):982-989, April 2013.

Lung Stress and Strain During Mechanical Ventilation Any Difference Between Statics and Dynamics?*

Protti, Alessandro; Andreis, Davide T.; Monti, Massimo; More

Critical Care Medicine. 41(4):1046-1055, April 2013.

Sepsis-Surviving Mice Are More Susceptible to a Secondary Kidney Insult*

Portella, Viviane G.; Silva-Filho, João L.; Landgraf, Sharon S.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 41(4):1056-1068, April 2013.

Determination of Neurologic Prognosis and Clinical Decision Making in Adult Patients With Severe Traumatic Brain Injury A Survey of Canadian Intensivists, Neurosurgeons, and Neurologists*

Turgeon, Alexis F.; Lauzier, François; Burns, Karen E.A.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 41(4):1086-1093, April 2013.