June 2012 - Volume 40 - Issue 6
pp: 1699-2008

Dressing disruption is a major risk factor for catheter-related infections*

Timsit, Jean-François; Bouadma, Lila; Ruckly, Stéphane; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(6):1707-1714, June 2012.

Usefulness of transcranial echography in patients with decompressive craniectomy: A comparison with computed tomography scan*

Caricato, Anselmo; Mignani, Vittorio; Bocci, Maria Grazia; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(6):1745-1752, June 2012.

Can early cardiac troponin I measurement help to predict recent coronary occlusion in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survivors?

Dumas, Florence; Manzo-Silberman, Stephane; Fichet, Jérôme; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(6):1777-1784, June 2012.

A double-blind, randomized clinical trial comparing soybean oil–based versus olive oil–based lipid emulsions in adult medical–surgical intensive care unit patients requiring...

Umpierrez, Guillermo E.; Spiegelman, Ronnie; Zhao, Vivian; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(6):1792-1798, June 2012.

Safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of a multidisciplinary percutaneous tracheostomy program*

Mirski, Marek A.; Pandian, Vinciya; Bhatti, Nasir; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(6):1827-1834, June 2012.

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In the critically ill patient, diabetes predicts mortality independent of statin therapy but is not associated with acute lung injury: A cohort study*

Koh, Gavin C. K. W.; Vlaar, Alexander P. J.; Hofstra, Jorrit J.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(6):1835-1843, June 2012.

Elderly trauma patients have high circulating noradrenaline levels but attenuated release of adrenaline, platelets, and leukocytes in response to increasing injury severity

Johansson, Pär I.; Sørensen, Anne Marie; Perner, Anders; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(6):1844-1850, June 2012.

Factors influencing intracranial pressure monitoring guideline compliance and outcome after severe traumatic brain injury*

Biersteker, Heleen A.R.; Andriessen, Teuntje M.J.C.; Horn, Janneke; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(6):1914-1922, June 2012.

Unlike arginine vasopressin, the selective V1a receptor agonist FE 202158 does not cause procoagulant effects by releasing von Willebrand factor*

Rehberg, Sebastian; Enkhbaatar, Perenlei; Rehberg, Janina; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(6):1957-1960, June 2012.

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