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April 2012 - Volume 40 - Issue 4
pp: 1045-1399

A two-compartment mathematical model of endotoxin-induced inflammatory and physiologic alterations in swine*

Nieman, Gary; Brown, David; Sarkar, Joydeep; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(4):1052-1063, April 2012.

A comparison of critical care research funding and the financial burden of critical illness in the United States*

Coopersmith, Craig M.; Wunsch, Hannah; Fink, Mitchell P.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(4):1072-1079, April 2012.

Cognitive and physical rehabilitation of intensive care unit survivors Results of the RETURN randomized controlled pilot investigation*

Jackson, James C.; Ely, E. Wesley; Morey, Miriam C.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(4):1088-1097, April 2012.

The surgical intensive care unit optimal mobility score predicts mortality and length of stay*

Kasotakis, George; Schmidt, Ulrich; Perry, Dana; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(4):1122-1128, April 2012.

A multicenter mortality prediction model for patients receiving prolonged mechanical ventilation*

Carson, Shannon S.; Kahn, Jeremy M.; Hough, Catherine L.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(4):1171-1176, April 2012.

What is the role of chest compression depth during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest resuscitation?*

Stiell, Ian G.; Brown, Siobhan P.; Christenson, James; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(4):1192-1198, April 2012.

Integrating palliative care in the surgical and trauma intensive care unit A report from the Improving Palliative Care in the Intensive Care Unit (IPAL-ICU) Project Advisory Board and the Center to Advance Palliative Care*

Mosenthal, Anne C.; Weissman, David E.; Curtis, J. Randall; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(4):1199-1206, April 2012.

Combining xenon and mild therapeutic hypothermia preserves neurological function after prolonged cardiac arrest in pigs*

Fries, Michael; Brücken, Anne; Çizen, Aysegül; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(4):1297-1303, April 2012.