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February 2012 - Volume 40 - Issue 2
pp: 373-716

Comparison of Oligon catheters and chlorhexidine-impregnated sponges with standard multilumen central venous catheters for prevention of associated colonization and infections in intensive care unit patients A multicenter, randomized, controlled study*

Arvaniti, Kostoula; Lathyris, Dimitrios; Clouva-Molyvdas, Phyllis; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(2):420-429, February 2012.

Masseter tissue oxygen saturation predicts normal central venous oxygen saturation during early goal-directed therapy and predicts mortality in patients with severe sepsis*

Colin, Gwenhael; Nardi, Olivier; Polito, Andrea; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(2):435-440, February 2012.

Early use of noninvasive positive pressure ventilation for acute lung injury A multicenter randomized controlled trial*

Zhan, Qingyuan; Sun, Bing; Liang, Lirong; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(2):455-460, February 2012.

A multifaceted program for improving quality of care in intensive care units IATROREF study*

Garrouste-Orgeas, Maite; Soufir, Lilia; Tabah, Alexis; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(2):468-476, February 2012.

Improving long-term outcomes after discharge from intensive care unit Report from a stakeholders' conference*

Needham, Dale M.; Davidson, Judy; Cohen, Henry; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(2):502-509, February 2012.

Mechanical stress induces lung fibrosis by epithelial–mesenchymal transition*

Cabrera-Benítez, Nuria E.; Parotto, Matteo; Post, Martin; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(2):510-517, February 2012.

Tetrastarch sustains pulmonary microvascular perfusion and gas exchange during systemic inflammation*

Heckel, Kai; Winkelmann, Bjoern; Strunden, Mike S.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(2):518-531, February 2012.

Benefits of ethyl gallate versus norepinephrine in the treatment of cardiovascular collapse in Pseudomonas aeruginosa septic shock in dogs*

Gotes, Jose; Kasian, Krika; Jacobs, Hans; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(2):560-572, February 2012.

Atorvastatin decreases computed tomography and S100-assessed brain ischemia after subarachnoid aneurysmal hemorrhage A comparative study*

Sanchez-Peña, Paola; Nouet, Aurélien; Clarençon, Frédéric; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(2):594-602, February 2012.

Effects of levosimendan on mortality and hospitalization. A meta-analysis of randomized controlled studies*

Landoni, Giovanni; Biondi-Zoccai, Giuseppe; Greco, Massimiliano; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(2):634-646, February 2012.

Early type II fiber atrophy in intensive care unit patients with nonexcitable muscle membrane

Bierbrauer, Jeffrey; Koch, Susanne; Olbricht, Claudio; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(2):647-650, February 2012.