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November 2011 - Volume 39 - Issue 11
pp: 2393-2592

Association of prehospitalization aspirin therapy and acute lung injury: Results of a multicenter international observational study of at-risk patients*

Kor, Daryl J.; Erlich, Jason; Gong, Michelle N.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 39(11):2393-2400, November 2011.

Incidence of treated cardiac arrest in hospitalized patients in the United States*

Merchant, Raina M.; Yang, Lin; Becker, Lance B.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 39(11):2401-2406, November 2011.

Validation of a gene expression-based subclassification strategy for pediatric septic shock*

Wong, Hector R.; Cvijanovich, Natalie Z.; Allen, Geoffrey L.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 39(11):2511-2517, November 2011.

Current recommended parenteral protein intakes do not support protein synthesis in critically ill septic, insulin-resistant adolescents with tight glucose control

Verbruggen, Sascha C. A. T.; Coss-Bu, Jorge; Wu, Manhong; More

Critical Care Medicine. 39(11):2518-2525, November 2011.

The impact of daily evaluation and spontaneous breathing test on the duration of pediatric mechanical ventilation: A randomized controlled trial*

Foronda, Flávia K.; Troster, Eduardo J.; Farias, Julio A.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 39(11):2526-2533, November 2011.

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education resident duty hour new standards: History, changes, and impact on staffing of intensive care units*

Pastores, Stephen M.; O'Connor, Michael F.; Kleinpell, Ruth M.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 39(11):2540-2549, November 2011.