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November 2010 - Volume 38 - Issue 11
pp: 2089-2273

Feasibility of physical and occupational therapy beginning from initiation of mechanical ventilation*

Pohlman, Mark C.; Schweickert, William D.; Pohlman, Anne S.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 38(11):2089-2094, November 2010.

Anti-infective external coating of central venous catheters: A randomized, noninferiority trial comparing 5-fluorouracil with chlorhexidine/silver sulfadiazine in preventing catheter colonization*

Walz, J. Matthias; Avelar, Rui L.; Longtine, Karen J.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 38(11):2095-2102, November 2010.

Rescue therapy in adult and pediatric patients with pH1N1 influenza infection: A tertiary center intensive care unit experience from April to October 2009*

Norfolk, Stephanie G.; Hollingsworth, Caroline L.; Wolfe, Cameron R.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 38(11):2103-2107, November 2010.

C1-esterase inhibitor attenuates the inflammatory response during human endotoxemia

Dorresteijn, Mirrin J.; Visser, Tjaakje; Cox, Laura A. E.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 38(11):2139-2145, November 2010.

Tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) improves the innate immune response and enhances survival in murine polymicrobial sepsis

Cziupka, Katharina; Busemann, Alexandra; Partecke, Lars Ivo; More

Critical Care Medicine. 38(11):2169-2174, November 2010.

Recruitment maneuver in experimental acute lung injury: The role of alveolar collapse and edema

Santiago, Viviane R.; Rzezinski, Andréia F.; Nardelli, Liliane M.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 38(11):2207-2214, November 2010.

Point of View

Panton-Valentine leukocidin expressing Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia managed with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: Experience and outcome

Noah, Moronke A.; Dawrant, Michael; Faulkner, Gail M.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 38(11):2250-2253, November 2010.