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March 2009 - Volume 37 - Issue 3
pp: 803-1183

Impact of continuous venovenous hemofiltration on organ failure during the early phase of severe sepsis: A randomized controlled trial*

Payen, Didier; Mateo, Joaquim; Cavaillon, Jean Marc; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(3):803-810, March 2009.

Interaction of vasopressin infusion, corticosteroid treatment, and mortality of septic shock*

Russell, James A.; Walley, Keith R.; Gordon, Anthony C.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(3):811-818, March 2009.

Delirium and sedation in the intensive care unit: Survey of behaviors and attitudes of 1384 healthcare professionals*

Patel, Rina P.; Gambrell, Meredith; Speroff, Theodore; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(3):825-832, March 2009.

Concise Definitive Review

Review Article

Hypoxemic resuscitation prevents pulmonary capillary endothelial dysfunction induced by normoxemic resuscitation from hemorrhagic shock

Douzinas, Emmanuel E.; Orfanos, Stylianos E.; Livaditi, Olga; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(3):869-875, March 2009.

Lower circulating Sta-Liatest D-Di levels in patients with aortic intramural hematoma compared with classical aortic dissection*

Ohlmann, Patrick; Faure, Antoine; Morel, Olivier; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(3):899-901, March 2009.

Pulsatile perfusion with intra-aortic balloon pumping ameliorates whole body response to cardiopulmonary bypass in the elderly*

Onorati, Francesco; Santarpino, Giuseppe; Presta, Pierangela; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(3):902-911, March 2009.

Middle cerebral artery vasospasm: Transcranial color-coded duplex sonography versus conventional nonimaging transcranial Doppler sonography*

Swiat, Maciej; Weigele, John; Hurst, Robert W.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(3):963-968, March 2009.

Pulmonary lesion induced by low and high positive end-expiratory pressure levels during protective ventilation in experimental acute lung injury

Pássaro, Caroline P.; Silva, Pedro L.; Rzezinski, Andréia F.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(3):1011-1017, March 2009.

Leukocyte Dectin-1 expression is differentially regulated in fungal versus polymicrobial sepsis

Ozment-Skelton, Tammy R.; deFluiter, Elizabeth A.; Ha, Tuanzhu; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(3):1038-1045, March 2009.