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January 2009 - Volume 37 - Issue 1
pp: 1-401

Racial and ethnic disparities in mortality from acute lung injury*

Erickson, Sara E.; Shlipak, Michael G.; Martin, Greg S.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(1):1-6, January 2009.

Sodium bicarbonate to prevent increases in serum creatinine after cardiac surgery: A pilot double-blind, randomized controlled trial*

Haase, Michael; Haase-Fielitz, Anja; Bellomo, Rinaldo; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(1):39-47, January 2009.

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A prospective, observational registry of patients with severe sepsis: The Canadian Sepsis Treatment and Response Registry*

Martin, Claudio M.; Priestap, Fran; Fisher, Harold; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(1):81-88, January 2009.

A prospective, multicenter derivation of a biomarker panel to assess risk of organ dysfunction, shock, and death in emergency department patients with suspected sepsis

Shapiro, Nathan I.; Trzeciak, Stephen; Hollander, Judd E.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(1):96-104, January 2009.

Toll-like receptor pathway signaling is differently regulated in neutrophils and peripheral mononuclear cells of patients with sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock*

Salomao, Reinaldo; Brunialti, Milena K. C.; Gomes, Natália E.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(1):132-139, January 2009.

Polymorphisms in innate immunity genes predispose to bacteremia and death in the medical intensive care unit*

Henckaerts, Liesbet; Nielsen, Kaspar R.; Steffensen, Rudi; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(1):192-e3, January 2009.

Inhibition of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in ovine model of acute lung injury*

Enkhbaatar, Perenlei; Connelly, Rhykka; Wang, Jianpu; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(1):208-214, January 2009.

Combined neuronal and inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibition in ovine acute lung injury*

Lange, Matthias; Connelly, Rhykka; Traber, Daniel L.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(1):223-229, January 2009.

Activated protein C improves lipopolysaccharide-induced cardiovascular dysfunction by decreasing tissular inflammation and oxidative stress*

Nacira, Sennoun; Meziani, Ferhat; Dessebe, Olivier; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(1):246-255, January 2009.

Protective effects of nitric oxide synthase 3 and soluble guanylate cyclase on the outcome of cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation in mice*

Nishida, Takefumi; De Yu, Jia; Minamishima, Shizuka; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(1):256-262, January 2009.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for preventing central venous catheter-related infection: Results of a knowledge test among 3405 European intensive care nurses*

Labeau, Sonia O.; Vandijck, Dominique M.; Rello, Jordi; More

Critical Care Medicine. 37(1):320-323, January 2009.