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June 2008 - Volume 36 - Issue 6
pp: 1701-1992

Frequent intravenous pulses of growth hormone together with glutamine supplementation in prolonged critical illness after multiple trauma: Effects on nitrogen balance, insulin resistance, and substrate oxidation*

Duška, František; Fric, Michal; Waldauf, Petr; More

Critical Care Medicine. 36(6):1707-1713, June 2008.

Current practice in nutritional support and its association with mortality in septic patients—Results from a national, prospective, multicenter study*

Elke, Gunnar; Schädler, Dirk; Engel, Christoph; More

Critical Care Medicine. 36(6):1762-1767, June 2008.

A replicable method for blood glucose control in critically Ill patients

Morris, Alan H.; Orme, James Jr; Truwit, Jonathon D.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 36(6):1787-1795, June 2008.

Acute lung injury after ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm repair: The effect of excluding donations from females from the production of fresh frozen plasma*

Wright, Stephen E.; Snowden, Christopher P.; Athey, Sally C.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 36(6):1796-1802, June 2008.

Increased plasma interleukin-6 in donors is associated with lower recipient hospital-free survival after cadaveric organ transplantation*

Murugan, Raghavan; Venkataraman, Ramesh; Wahed, Abdus S.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 36(6):1810-1816, June 2008.

Recommendations for the diagnosis and management of corticosteroid insufficiency in critically ill adult patients: Consensus statements from an international task force by the American College of Critical Care Medicine

Marik, Paul E.; Pastores, Stephen M.; Annane, Djillali; More

Critical Care Medicine. 36(6):1937-1949, June 2008.