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December 2007 - Volume 35 - Issue 12
pp: 2677-2884

Score-based immunoglobulin G therapy of patients with sepsis: The SBITS study *

Werdan, Karl; Pilz, Günter; Bujdoso, Oskar; More

Critical Care Medicine. 35(12):2693-2701, December 2007.

Hemodynamic improvement following levosimendan treatment in patients with acute myocardial infarction and cardiogenic shock *

Russ, Martin A.; Prondzinsky, Roland; Christoph, Arnd; More

Critical Care Medicine. 35(12):2732-2739, December 2007.

Predictive and pathogenetic value of plasma biomarkers for acute kidney injury in patients with acute lung injury *

Liu, Kathleen D.; Glidden, David V.; Eisner, Mark D.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 35(12):2755-2761, December 2007.

Transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation reduces serum high mobility group box 1 levels and improves survival in murine sepsis *

Huston, Jared M.; Gallowitsch-Puerta, Margot; Ochani, Mahendar; More

Critical Care Medicine. 35(12):2762-2768, December 2007.

Emergency preservation and resuscitation improve survival after 15 minutes of normovolemic cardiac arrest in pigs *

Janata, Andreas; Bayegan, Keywan; Weihs, Wolfgang Mag Med Vet; More

Critical Care Medicine. 35(12):2785-2791, December 2007.

Systemic and local high mobility group box 1 concentrations during severe infection

van Zoelen, Marieke A. D.; Laterre, Pierre-François; van Veen, Suzanne Q.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 35(12):2799-2804, December 2007.