April 2007 - Volume 35 - Issue 4 : Critical Care Medicine

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April 2007 - Volume 35 - Issue 4
pp: 1003-1225

Prioritizing the organization and management of intensive care services in the United States: The PrOMIS Conference*

Barnato, Amber E.; Kahn, Jeremy M.; Rubenfeld, Gordon D.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 35(4):1003-e6, April 2007.

Selective α7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist GTS-21 improves survival in murine endotoxemia and severe sepsis*

Pavlov, Valentin A.; Ochani, Mahendar; Yang, Li-Hong; More

Critical Care Medicine. 35(4):1139-1144, April 2007.

Are the fat really fit?

Peake, Sandra L.; Moran, John L.; Ghelani, Dhaval R.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 35(4):1220, April 2007.