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June 2006 - Volume 34 - Issue 6
pp: 1589-1864

Duration of hypotension before initiation of effective antimicrobial therapy is the critical determinant of survival in human septic shock*

Kumar, Anand; Roberts, Daniel; Wood, Kenneth E.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 34(6):1589-1596, June 2006.

Effect of blood transfusion on outcome after major burn injury: A multicenter study*

Palmieri, Tina L.; Caruso, Daniel M.; Foster, Kevin N.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 34(6):1602-1607, June 2006.

Risk of emergence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa resistance to β-lactam antibiotics in intensive care units

Georges, Bernard; Conil, Jean-Marie; Dubouix, Anne; More

Critical Care Medicine. 34(6):1636-1641, June 2006.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of once-weekly subcutaneous epoetin alfa in critically ill patients: Results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial*

Vincent, Jean-Louis; Spapen, Herbert D. M. H.; Creteur, Jacques; More

Critical Care Medicine. 34(6):1661-1667, June 2006.

Local activation of the tissue factor-factor VIIa pathway in patients with pneumonia and the effect of inhibition of this pathway in murine pneumococcal pneumonia*

Rijneveld, Anita W.; Weijer, Sebastiaan; Bresser, Paul; More

Critical Care Medicine. 34(6):1725-1730, June 2006.

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