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August 2005 - Volume 33 - Issue 8
pp: 1681-1896

The Critical Care Safety Study: The incidence and nature of adverse events and serious medical errors in intensive care*

Rothschild, Jeffrey M.; Landrigan, Christopher P.; Cronin, John W.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 33(8):1694-1700, August 2005.

Outcome measures for clinical research in sepsis: A report of the 2nd Cambridge Colloquium of the International Sepsis Forum

Marshall, John C.; Vincent, Jean-Louis; Guyatt, Gordon; More

Critical Care Medicine. 33(8):1708-1716, August 2005.

Effect of gingival and dental plaque antiseptic decontamination on nosocomial infections acquired in the intensive care unit: A double-blind placebo-controlled multicenter study*

Fourrier, François; Dubois, Didier; Pronnier, Philippe; More

Critical Care Medicine. 33(8):1728-1735, August 2005.

Quantitative assessment of pleural effusion in critically ill patients by means of ultrasonography*

Vignon, Philippe; Chastagner, Catherine; Berkane, Vanessa; More

Critical Care Medicine. 33(8):1757-1763, August 2005.

Dehydroepiandrosterone restores depressed peripheral blood mononuclear cell function following major abdominal surgery via the estrogen receptors

Frantz, Markus C.; Prix, Niclas J.; Wichmann, Matthias W.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 33(8):1779-1786, August 2005.

Post-thrombolysis intracerebral hemorrhage: Data from the Spanish Register ARIAM*

Ruiz-Bailén, Manuel; Brea-Salvago, Juan Francisco; de Hoyos, Eduardo Aguayo; More

Critical Care Medicine. 33(8):1829-1838, August 2005.