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September 2004 - Volume 32 - 9
pp: S343-S443

Hemodynamics associated with breathing through an inspiratory impedance threshold device in human volunteers

Convertino, Victor A.; Ratliff, Duane A.; Ryan, Kathy L.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 32(9):S381-S386, September 2004.

Effect of vasopressin on postresuscitation ventricular function: Unknown consequences of the recent Guidelines 2000 for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care

Kern, Karl B.; Heidenreich, Joseph H.; Higdon, Travis A.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 32(9):S393-S397, September 2004.

Spontaneous breathing through an inspiratory impedance threshold device augments cardiac index and stroke volume index in a pediatric porcine model of hemorrhagic hypovolemia

Marino, Bradley S.; Yannopoulos, Demetris; Sigurdsson, Gardar; More

Critical Care Medicine. 32(9):S398-S405, September 2004.

Induced hypothermia by central venous infusion: Saline ice slurry versus chilled saline

Vanden Hoek, Terry L.; Kasza, Kenneth E.; Beiser, David G.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 32(9):S425-S431, September 2004.