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November 2000 - Volume 28 - Issue 11
pp: 3581-3776

Prospective evaluation of short-term, high-volume isovolemic hemofiltration on the hemodynamic course and outcome in patients with intractable circulatory failure resulting from septic shock

Honore, Patrick M.; Jamez, Jean; Wauthier, Michel; More

Critical Care Medicine. 28(11):3581-3587, November 2000.

Effect of neutropenia and granulocyte colony stimulating factor-induced neutrophilia on blood-brain barrier permeability and brain edema after traumatic brain injury in rats

Whalen, Michael J.; Carlos, Timothy M.; Wisniewski, Stephen R.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 28(11):3710-3717, November 2000.

Position paper on critical care pharmacy services

Rudis, Maria I.; Brandl, Katherine M.; for the Society of Critical Care Medicine and American College of Clinical Pharmacy Task Force on Critical Care Pharmacy Services %

Critical Care Medicine. 28(11):3746-3750, November 2000.