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February 1996 - Volume 24 - Issue 2
pp: 189-370,1S-99S

Effects of pentoxifylline on circulating cytokine concentrations and hemodynamics in patients with septic shockResults from a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study

Zeni, Fabrice; Pain, Pascal; Vindimian, Monique; More

Critical Care Medicine. 24(2):207-214, February 1996.

Resuscitation from severe hemorrhage

Shoemaker, William C.; Peitzman, Andrew B.; Bellamy, Ronald; More

Critical Care Medicine. 24(2):12S-23S, February 1996.

Suspended animation for delayed resuscitation

Bellamy, Ronald; Safar, Peter; Tisherman, Samuel A.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 24(2):24S-47S, February 1996.

Cerebral resuscitation from cardiac arrestPathophysiologic mechanisms

Vaagenes, Per; Ginsberg, Myron; Ebmeyer, Uwe; More

Critical Care Medicine. 24(2):57S-68S, February 1996.

Cerebral resuscitation from cardiac arrestTreatment potentials

Gisvold, Sven-Eric; Sterz, Fritz; Abramson, Norman S.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 24(2):69S-80S, February 1996.