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Association of an Emergency Critical Care Program With Survival and Early Downgrade Among Critically Ill Medical Patients in the Emergency Department*

Mitarai, Tsuyoshi; Gordon, Alexandra June; Nudelman, Matthew J. R.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 51(6):731-741, June 2023.

External Validation and Comparison of a General Ward Deterioration Index Between Diversely Different Health Systems

Cummings, Brandon C.; Blackmer, Joseph M.; Motyka, Jonathan R.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 51(6):775-786, June 2023.

Perceived Hospital Stress, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Activity, and Care Process Temporal Variance During the COVID-19 Pandemic*

Anesi, George L.; Andrews, Adair; Bai, He (Julia); More

Critical Care Medicine. 51(4):445-459, April 2023.