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Noninvasive Ventilation in Patients With Do-Not-Intubate and Comfort-Measures-Only Orders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis*

Wilson, Michael E.; Majzoub, Abdul M.; Dobler, Claudia C.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(8):1209-1216, August 2018.

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Clinical Factors Associated With ICU-Specific Care Following Supratentoral Brain Tumor Resection and Validation of a Risk Prediction Score

Franko, Lynze R.; Hollon, Todd; Linzey, Joseph; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(8):1302-1308, August 2018.

Surviving Sepsis Campaign: Research Priorities for Sepsis and Septic Shock

Coopersmith, Craig M.; De Backer, Daniel; Deutschman, Clifford S.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(8):1334-1356, August 2018.

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Effect of Body Temperature on Cerebral Autoregulation in Acutely Comatose Neurocritically Ill Patients

Adatia, Krishma; Geocadin, Romergryko G.; Healy, Ryan; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(8):e733-e741, August 2018.