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Concise Definitive Reviews

  • Updated:   10/13/2020
  • Contains:  43 items
A collection of Concise Definitive Reviews from 2014-present.

Preventing Harm in the ICU—Building a Culture of Safety and Engaging Patients and Families

Thornton, Kevin C.; Schwarz, Jennifer J.; Gross, A. Kendall; More

Critical Care Medicine. 45(9):1531-1537, September 2017.

A Clinician’s Guide to Privacy and Communication in the ICU

Francis, Leslie; Vorwaller, Micah A.; Aboumatar, Hanan; More

Critical Care Medicine. 45(3):480-485, March 2017.

Slowing Down of Recovery as Generic Risk Marker for Acute Severity Transitions in Chronic Diseases

Olde Rikkert, Marcel G. M.; Dakos, Vasilis; Buchman, Timothy G.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 44(3):601-606, March 2016.