Articles by Nathan E. Brummel, MD

Acute Kidney Injury and Subsequent Frailty Status in Survivors of Critical Illness: A Secondary Analysis

Abdel-Kader, Khaled; Girard, Timothy D.; Brummel, Nathan E.; More

Critical Care Medicine. ., Post Author Corrections: January 25, 2018

Employment Outcomes After Critical Illness: An Analysis of the Bringing to Light the Risk Factors and Incidence of Neuropsychological Dysfunction in ICU Survivors Cohort*

Norman, Brett C.; Jackson, James C.; Graves, John A.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 44(11):2003-2009, November 2016.

Cognitive and physical rehabilitation of intensive care unit survivors: Results of the RETURN randomized controlled pilot investigation*

Jackson, James C.; Ely, E. Wesley; Morey, Miriam C.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(4):1088-1097, April 2012.