Articles by Karen Burns

Recall of ICU Stay in Patients Managed With a Sedation Protocol or a Sedation Protocol With Daily Interruption

Burry, Lisa; Cook, Deborah; Herridge, Margaret; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(10):2180-2190, October 2015.

Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Outcomes of Delirium in Mechanically Ventilated Adults*

Mehta, Sangeeta; Cook, Deborah; Devlin, John W.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(3):557-566, March 2015.

Nonbeneficial Treatment Canada: Definitions, Causes, and Potential Solutions From the Perspective of Healthcare Practitioners*

Downar, James; You, John J.; Bagshaw, Sean M.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 43(2):270-281, February 2015.