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Articles by Jeffrey M. Rothschild, MD, MPH

Technological Distractions (Part 2): A Summary of Approaches to Manage Clinical Alarms With Intent to Reduce Alarm Fatigue

Winters, Bradford D.; Cvach, Maria M.; Bonafide, Christopher P.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(1):130-137, January 2018.

Technologic Distractions (Part 1): Summary of Approaches to Manage Alert Quantity With Intent to Reduce Alert Fatigue and Suggestions for Alert Fatigue Metrics

Kane-Gill, Sandra L.; O’Connor, Michael F.; Rothschild, Jeffrey M.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 45(9):1481-1488, September 2017.

The Critical Care Safety Study: The incidence and nature of adverse events and serious medical errors in intensive care*

Rothschild, Jeffrey M.; Landrigan, Christopher P.; Cronin, John W.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 33(8):1694-1700, August 2005.