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Articles by Fernando A. Bozza, MD, PhD

Early and Late Mortality Following Discharge From the ICU: A Multicenter Prospective Cohort Study*

Rosa, Regis G.; Falavigna, Maicon; Robinson, Caroline C.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(1):64-72, January 2020.

Delirium Monitoring in Neurocritically Ill Patients: A Systematic Review*

Patel, Mayur B.; Bednarik, Josef; Lee, Patricia; More

Critical Care Medicine. 46(11):1832-1841, November 2018.

Bioenergetic failure of human peripheral blood monocytes in patients with septic shock is mediated by reduced F1Fo adenosine-5′-triphosphate synthase activity*

Japiassú, André M.; Santiago, Ana Paula S. A.; d'Avila, Joana da Costa P.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 39(5):1056-1063, May 2011.