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Articles by Andrea Morelli

The Effect of Propofol and Dexmedetomidine Sedation on Norepinephrine Requirements in Septic Shock Patients: A Crossover Trial

Morelli, Andrea; Sanfilippo, Filippo; Arnemann, Philip; More

Critical Care Medicine. 47(2):e89-e95, February 2019.

Comparison Between Doppler-Echocardiography and Uncalibrated Pulse Contour Method for Cardiac Output Measurement: A Multicenter Observational Study*

Scolletta, Sabino; Franchi, Federico; Romagnoli, Stefano; More

Critical Care Medicine. 44(7):1370-1379, July 2016.

Microvascular Effects of Heart Rate Control With Esmolol in Patients With Septic Shock A Pilot Study*

Morelli, Andrea; Donati, Abele; Ertmer, Christian; More

Critical Care Medicine. 41(9):2162-2168, September 2013.

Effects of levosimendan on mortality and hospitalization. A meta-analysis of randomized controlled studies*

Landoni, Giovanni; Biondi-Zoccai, Giuseppe; Greco, Massimiliano; More

Critical Care Medicine. 40(2):634-646, February 2012.

Effects of balanced crystalloid vs. 0.9% saline-based vs. balanced 6% tetrastarch infusion on renal function and tubular integrity in ovine endotoxemic shock*

Ertmer, Christian; Kampmeier, Tim G.; Rehberg, Sebastian; More

Critical Care Medicine. 39(4):783-792, April 2011.

Effects of combined arginine vasopressin and levosimendan on organ function in ovine septic shock*

Rehberg, Sebastian; Ertmer, Christian; Vincent, Jean-L.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 38(10):2016-2023, October 2010.

Effects of levosimendan on right ventricular afterload in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome: A pilot study*

Morelli, Andrea; Teboul, Jean-Louis; Maggiore, Salvatore Maurizio; More

Critical Care Medicine. 34(9):2287-2293, September 2006.

Prophylactic fenoldopam for renal protection in sepsis: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot trial*

Morelli, Andrea; Ricci, Zaccaria; Bellomo, Rinaldo; More

Critical Care Medicine. 33(11):2451-2456, November 2005.