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Pandemic-Related Submissions: The Challenge of Discerning Signal Amidst Noise

Kaplan, Lewis J.; Bleck, Thomas P.; Buchman, Timothy G.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(8):1099-1102, August 2020.

Financial Toxicity After Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A National Qualitative Cohort Study*

Hauschildt, Katrina E.; Seigworth, Claire; Kamphuis, Lee A.; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(8):1103-1110, August 2020.

Potential for Lung Recruitment and Ventilation-Perfusion Mismatch in Patients With the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome From Coronavirus Disease 2019*

Mauri, Tommaso; Spinelli, Elena; Scotti, Eleonora; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(8):1129-1134, August 2020.

Boarding of Critically Ill Patients in the Emergency Department

Mohr, Nicholas M.; Wessman, Brian T.; Bassin, Benjamin; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(8):1180-1187, August 2020.

Functional and Structural Integrity of Frontoparietal Connectivity in Traumatic and Anoxic Coma

Peran, Patrice; Malagurski, Briguitta; Nemmi, Federico; More

Critical Care Medicine. 48(8):e639-e647, August 2020.