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doi: 10.1097/CCM.0b013e31819d6403

Henckaerts L, Nielsen KR, Steffensen R, et al: Polymorphisms in innate immunity genes predispose to bacteremia and death in the medical intensive care unit. Crit Care Med 2009; 37:192–201

In the article on page 192, the following corrections were inadvertently missed.

The lower line of the text in Panel C of Figure 3 (reading “≤60%” and “>60%”) was missing. It is correct below.

In the Results section, on page 195, second column, in the second paragraph of the Acquisition of Bacteremia section, the third sentence should read:

Those patients who carried both a TLR4 and a NOD2 variant developed bacteremia in 25.0% vs. 7.6% in patients not carrying both variants (p = 0.0003).”

The Journal apologizes for these errors.



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