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In the article by Tobin et al., published in the January 2008 issue of Critical Care Medicine, the following reference 26 was omitted from the reference list.

The omitted reference should have read:

Гологорский ВА, Гeльфанд БР, Стамов ВИ, Лапшина ИЮ, Нистратов СЛ. Прeкращeниe длитeльной ИВЛ и пeрeвод на спонтанноe дыxаниe xирургичeскиx больныx. Анeстeзиология и рeаниматология 1997; SYMBOL1; 4–10


In addition, the textual cite to the reference on page 4 should have read:

Гологорский et al. (26) list sensitivities and specifics of weaning predictor tests according to three diagnostic categories (pneumonia, cardiac dysfunction, polyorgan dysfunction).

The publisher regrets the error.


1. Tobin MJ, Jubran A: Meta-analysis under the spotlight: Focused on a meta-analysis of ventilator weaning. Crit Care Med 2008; 36(1):1–7
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