September 2022 - Volume 4 - Issue 9 : Critical Care Explorations

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September 2022 - Volume 4 - Issue 9
pp: e0759-e0759

A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Evaluating Geographical Variation in Outcomes of Cancer Patients Treated in ICUs

Nazer, Lama H.; Lopez-Olivo, Maria A.; Brown, Anne Rain; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(9):e0757, September 2022.

Psychological Attachment Orientation and Long-Term Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms Among Family Members of ICU Patients

Zhang, Qiang; Knies, Andrea K. Dr rer. Medic; Pach, Jolanta; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(9):e0753, September 2022.

Presence of Antibodies to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 on Admission Is Associated With Decreased Mortality in COVID-19 Critical Illness

Mabrey, F. Linzee; Zelnick, Leila R.; Morrell, Eric D.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(9):e0754, September 2022.

Analyzing Continuous Physiologic Data to Find Hemodynamic Signatures Associated With New Brain Injury After Congenital Heart Surgery

Nicoll, Jessica; Somer, Jonathan; Eytan, Danny; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(9):e0751, September 2022.

Pediatric Ventilation Liberation: A Survey of International Practice Among 555 Pediatric Intensivists

Loberger, Jeremy M.; Campbell, Caitlin M.; Colleti, José Jr; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(9):e0756, September 2022.

Risk Factors and Clinical Outcomes of Candidemia Associated With Severe COVID-19

Dixit, Deepali; Jen, Polly; Maxwell, Tyler D.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(9):e0762, September 2022.