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October 2021 - Volume 3 - Issue 10
pp: e0564-e0564

Mortality in Cardiogenic Shock Patients Is Predicted by Pao2/Fio2 (Horowitz Index) Measured on ICU After Venoarterial Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Implantation

Scherer, Clemens; Lüsebrink, Enzo; Joskowiak, Dominik; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(10):e0540, October 2021.

Respiratory Non-Invasive Venous Waveform Analysis for Assessment of Respiratory Distress in Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients: An Observational Study

Alvis, Bret; Vaughn, Lexie; Schmeckpeper, Jeffrey; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(10):e0539, October 2021.

A Pilot Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Randomized Clinical Trial to Investigate the Effects of Early Enteral Nutrients in Sepsis

Shah, Faraaz Ali; Kitsios, Georgios D.; Yende, Sachin; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(10):e550, October 2021.

A Transcriptomic Severity Metric That Predicts Clinical Outcomes in Critically Ill Surgical Sepsis Patients

Brakenridge, Scott C.; Starostik, Petr; Ghita, Gabriella; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(10):e0554, October 2021.

The Use of Different Sepsis Risk Stratification Tools on the Wards and in Emergency Departments Uncovers Different Mortality Risks: Results of the Three Welsh National Multicenter Point-Prevalence Studies

Unwin, Harry J. A.; Kopczynska, Maja; Pugh, Richard; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(10):e0558, October 2021.

A Modified Delphi Process to Prioritize Experiences and Guidance Related to ICU Restricted Visitation Policies During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic

Fiest, Kirsten M.; Krewulak, Karla D.; Makuk, Kira; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(10):e0562, October 2021.

End-of-Life Care During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic: The 3 Wishes Program

Neville, Thanh H.; Bear, Danielle K.; Kao, Yuhan; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(10):e549, October 2021.

Some Patients Are More Equal Than Others: Variation in Ventilator Settings for Coronavirus Disease 2019 Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Dam, Tariq A.; de Grooth, Harm-Jan; Klausch, Thomas; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(10):e0555, October 2021.

Impact of the 2018 Society of Critical Care Medicine Pain, Agitation/Sedation, Delirium, Immobility, and Sleep Guidelines on Nonopioid Analgesic Use and Related Outcomes in Critically Ill Adults After Major Surgery

Sutton, Spencer; McCrobie, Trevor R.; Kovacevic, Mary R.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(10):e0564, October 2021.

A Trigger and Response System for Preventing Cardiac Arrest in the ICU

Moskowitz, Ari; Berg, Katherine M.; Cocchi, Michael N.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(10):e0557, October 2021.