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Comparing Renal Replacement Therapy Modalities in Critically Ill Patients With Acute Kidney Injury: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis

Ye, Zhikang; Wang, Ying; Ge, Long; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(5):e0399, May 2021.

A Multicenter Evaluation of Survival After In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients

Bhardwaj, Abhishek; Alwakeel, Mahmoud; Saleem, Talha; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(5):e0425, May 2021.

The Modified Early Warning Score: A Useful Marker of Neurological Worsening but Unreliable Predictor of Sepsis in the Neurocritically Ill—A Retrospective Cohort Study

Hester, Jeannette; Youn, Teddy S.; Trifilio, Erin; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(5):e0386, May 2021.

Optimizing Critical Illness Recovery: Perspectives and Solutions From the Caregivers of ICU Survivors

Sevin, Carla M.; Boehm, Leanne M.; Hibbert, Elizabeth; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(5):e0420, May 2021.

Pediatric Sepsis Definition—A Systematic Review Protocol by the Pediatric Sepsis Definition Taskforce

Menon, Kusum; Schlapbach, Luregn J.; Akech, Samuel; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(6):e0123, June 2020.

ABCDEF Bundle and Supportive ICU Practices for Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019 Infection: An International Point Prevalence Study

Liu, Keibun; Nakamura, Kensuke; Katsukawa, Hajime; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(3):e0353, March 2021.

Induction of Neurogenesis and Angiogenesis in a Rat Hemisection Spinal Cord Injury Model With Combined Neural Stem Cell, Endothelial Progenitor Cell, and Biomimetic Hydrogel Matrix Therapy

Marrotte, Eric J.; Johnson, Khari; Schweller, Ryan M.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(6):e0436, June 2021.

Dysphagia in Patients With Severe Coronavirus Disease 2019—Potential Neurologic Etiologies

Dziewas, Rainer; Hufelschulte, Lisa-Marie; Lepper, Johannes; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(1):e0332, January 2021.

Association Between Early Invasive Mechanical Ventilation and Day-60 Mortality in Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure Related to Coronavirus Disease-2019 Pneumonia

Dupuis, Claire; Bouadma, Lila; de Montmollin, Etienne; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(1):e0329, January 2021.

Physiologic Improvement in Respiratory Acidosis Using Extracorporeal Co2 Removal With Hemolung Respiratory Assist System in the Management of Severe Respiratory Failure From Coronavirus Disease 2019

Akkanti, Bindu; Jagpal, Sugeet; Darwish, Ribal; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(3):e0372, March 2021.

Integral Use of Thromboelastography With Platelet Mapping to Guide Appropriate Treatment, Avoid Complications, and Improve Survival of Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019–Related Coagulopathy

Hranjec, Tjasa; Estreicher, Michael; Rogers, ; Bradley; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(12):e0287, December 2020.

Humanizing the ICU Patient: A Qualitative Exploration of Behaviors Experienced by Patients, Caregivers, and ICU Staff

Basile, Melissa J.; Rubin, Eileen; Wilson, Michael E.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(6):e0463, June 2021.

Bedside Evaluation for Early Sepsis Intervention: Addition of a Sepsis Response Team Leads to Improvement in Sepsis Bundle Compliance

Suliman, Sally; Price, John; Cahill, Meredith; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(1):e0312, January 2021.

Outcome Improvement Between the First Two Waves of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic in a Single Tertiary-Care Hospital in Belgium

Lambermont, Bernard; Rousseau, Anne-Françoise; Seidel, Laurence; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(5):e0438, May 2021.

Early Tocilizumab Dosing Is Associated With Improved Survival in Critically Ill Patients Infected With Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2

Petrak, Russell M.; Van Hise, Nicholas W.; Skorodin, Nathan C.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(4):e0395, April 2021.

Prediction of Acute Respiratory Failure Requiring Advanced Respiratory Support in Advance of Interventions and Treatment: A Multivariable Prediction Model From Electronic Medical Record Data

Wong, An-Kwok I.; Kamaleswaran, Rishikesan; Tabaie, Azade; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(5):e0402, May 2021.

Development and Content Validation of a Multidisciplinary Standardized Management Pathway for Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Parhar, Ken Kuljit S.; Zjadewicz, Karolina; Knight, Gwen E.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(5):e0428, May 2021.

Camostat Mesylate May Reduce Severity of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Sepsis: A First Observation

Hofmann-Winkler, Heike; Moerer, Onnen; Alt-Epping, Sabine; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(11):e0284, November 2020.

Delirium Incidence, Duration, and Severity in Critically Ill Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019

Khan, Sikandar H.; Lindroth, Heidi; Perkins, Anthony J.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(12):e0290, December 2020.

Antiviral Dosing Modification for Coronavirus Disease 2019–Infected Patients Receiving Extracorporeal Therapy

Chaijamorn, Weerachai; Rungkitwattanakul, Dhakrit; Nuchtavorn, Nantana; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(10):e0242, October 2020.

Respiratory Physiology of Prone Positioning With and Without Inhaled Nitric Oxide Across the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Severity Spectrum

Ziehr, David R.; Alladina, Jehan; Wolf, Molly E.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(6):e0471, June 2021.

High-Flow Oxygen Therapy Application in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients With Acute Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure: A Multicenter Study

Plotnikow, Gustavo A.; Accoce, Matias; Fredes, Sebastián; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(2):e0337, February 2021.

RBC Transfusion Induced ST Segment Variability Following the Norwood Procedure

Savorgnan, Fabio; Bhat, Priya N.; Checchia, Paul A.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(5):e0417, May 2021.

Subcutaneous Emphysema, Pneumomediastinum, and Pneumothorax in Critically Ill Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Jones, Eben; Gould, Allon; Pillay, Timesh D.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(9):e0210, September 2020.

PHarmacist Avoidance or Reductions in Medical Costs in Patients Presenting the EMergency Department: PHARM-EM Study

Rech, Megan A.; Adams, William; Smetana, Keaton S.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(4):e0406, April 2021.

First and Second Waves of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Madrid, Spain: Clinical Characteristics and Hematological Risk Factors Associated With Critical/Fatal Illness

Mollinedo-Gajate, Irene; Villar-Álvarez, Felipe; Zambrano-Chacón, María de los Ángeles; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(2):e0346, February 2021.

Examination of Early CNS Symptoms and Severe Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Multicenter Observational Case Series

Marra, David E.; Busl, Katharina M.; Robinson, Christopher P.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(6):e0456, June 2021.

Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety of Inhaled Epoprostenol and Inhaled Nitric Oxide for Refractory Hypoxemia in Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019

DeGrado, Jeremy R.; Szumita, Paul M.; Schuler, Brian R.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(10):e0259, October 2020.

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Assess Cerebral Autoregulation and Optimal Mean Arterial Pressure in Patients With Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury: A Prospective Multicenter Feasibility Study

Griesdale, Donald. E. G.; Sekhon, Mypinder S.; Wood, Michael D.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(10):e0217, October 2020.

Risk Factors for Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis in Critically Ill Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019-Induced Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Chauvet, Paul; Mallat, Jihad; Arumadura, Clothilde; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(11):e0244, November 2020.

ICU Bed Utilization During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic in a Multistate Analysis—March to June 2020

Douin, David J.; Ward, Michael J.; Lindsell, Christopher J.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(3):e0361, March 2021.

Feasibility and Safety of Prone Position Transport for Severe Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure Due to Coronavirus Disease 2019

Seethala, Raghu R.; Frakes, Michael A.; Cocchi, Michael N.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(12):e0293, December 2020.

Relocating IV Pumps for Critically Ill Isolated Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients From Bedside to Outside the Patient Room

Shah, Ami G.; Taduran, Chris; Friedman, Seana; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(8):e0168, August 2020.

Breaking Silos: The Team-Based Approach to Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic Staffing

Anderson, Brett R.; Ivascu, Natalia S.; Brodie, Daniel; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(11):e0265, November 2020.