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Multisystem Inflammation and Organ Dysfunction After BNT162b2 Messenger RNA Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination

Kahn, Benjamin; Apostolidis, Sokratis A.; Bhatt, Vatsal; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(11):e0578, November 2021.

The Contribution of Chest X-Ray to Predict Extubation Failure in Mechanically Ventilated Patients Using Machine Learning-Based Algorithms

Fukuchi, Kiyoyasu; Osawa, Itsuki; Satake, Shunya; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(6):e0718, June 2022.

Lower Respiratory Tract Coinfection in the ICU: Prevalence and Clinical Significance of Coinfection Detected via Microbiological Analysis of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid With a Comparison of Invasive Methodologies

Zelus, Casey S.; Blaha, Michael A.; Samson, Kaeli K.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(6):e0708, June 2022.

Saline Compared to Balanced Crystalloid in Patients With Diabetic Ketoacidosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Alghamdi, Naif Ali; Major, Paityn; Chaudhuri, Dipayan; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(1):e0613, January 2022.

Comparing Renal Replacement Therapy Modalities in Critically Ill Patients With Acute Kidney Injury: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis

Ye, Zhikang; Wang, Ying; Ge, Long; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(5):e0399, May 2021.

The Future of Critical Care: Optimizing Technologies and a Learning Healthcare System to Potentiate a More Humanistic Approach to Critical Care

Meissen, Heather; Gong, Michelle Ng; Wong, An-Kwok Ian; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(3):e0659, March 2022.

Zonulin Antagonist, Larazotide (AT1001), As an Adjuvant Treatment for Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children: A Case Series

Yonker, Lael M.; Swank, Zoe; Gilboa, Tal; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(2):e0641, February 2022.

The Modified Early Warning Score: A Useful Marker of Neurological Worsening but Unreliable Predictor of Sepsis in the Neurocritically Ill—A Retrospective Cohort Study

Hester, Jeannette; Youn, Teddy S.; Trifilio, Erin; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(5):e0386, May 2021.

ABCDEF Bundle and Supportive ICU Practices for Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019 Infection: An International Point Prevalence Study

Liu, Keibun; Nakamura, Kensuke; Katsukawa, Hajime; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(3):e0353, March 2021.

Neurologic Manifestations of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection in Hospitalized Patients During the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Cervantes-Arslanian, Anna M.; Venkata, Chakradhar; Anand, Pria; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(4):e0686, April 2022.

Improving ABCDEF Bundle Compliance and Clinical Outcomes in the ICU: Randomized Control Trial to Assess the Impact of Performance Measurement, Feedback, and Data Literacy Training

Brown, Joan C.; Querubin, Jynette A.; Ding, Li; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(4):e0679, April 2022.

Antiviral Dosing Modification for Coronavirus Disease 2019–Infected Patients Receiving Extracorporeal Therapy

Chaijamorn, Weerachai; Rungkitwattanakul, Dhakrit; Nuchtavorn, Nantana; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(10):e0242, October 2020.

Comparing Cardiac Output Measurements Using a Wearable, Wireless, Noninvasive Photoplethysmography-Based Device to Pulse Contour Cardiac Output in the General ICU: A Brief Report

Dvir, Ayana; Goldstein, Nir; Rapoport, Avigal; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(2):e0624, February 2022.

Lung Ultrasound to Assist ICU Admission Decision-Making Process of COVID-19 Patients With Acute Respiratory Failure

Aguersif, Amazigh; Sarton, Benjamine; Bouharaoua, Sihem; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(6):e0719, June 2022.

Association of Frailty, Organ Support, and Long-Term Survival in Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19

Taniguchi, Leandro Utino; Avelino-Silva, Thiago Junqueira; Dias, Murilo Bacchini; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(6):e0712, June 2022.

A Multicenter Evaluation of the Seraph 100 Microbind Affinity Blood Filter for the Treatment of Severe COVID-19

Chitty, Stephen A.; Mobbs, Sarah; Rifkin, Brian S.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(4):e0662, April 2022.

Multicenter Retrospective Review of Ketamine Use in the ICU

Groth, Christine M.; Droege, Christopher A.; Connor, Kathryn A.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(2):e0633, February 2022.

Research Priorities for Pediatric Intensive Care Nutrition Within the United Kingdom: A National Institute of Health Research James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership

O’Connor, Graeme; Marino, Luise V.; Tume, Lyvonne N.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(3):e0649, March 2022.

Reducing Unnecessary Laboratory Utilization in the Medical ICU: A Fellow-Driven Quality Improvement Initiative

Conroy, Megan; Homsy, Elie; Johns, Jennica; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(7):e0499, July 2021.

Key Components of ICU Recovery Programs: What Did Patients Report Provided Benefit?

McPeake, Joanne; Boehm, Leanne M.; Hibbert, Elizabeth; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(4):e0088, April 2020.

Humanizing the ICU Patient: A Qualitative Exploration of Behaviors Experienced by Patients, Caregivers, and ICU Staff

Basile, Melissa J.; Rubin, Eileen; Wilson, Michael E.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(6):e0463, June 2021.

The Experiences and Needs of Families of Comatose Patients After Cardiac Arrest and Severe Neurotrauma: The Perspectives of National Key Stakeholders During a National Institutes of Health–Funded Workshop

Muehlschlegel, Susanne; Perman, Sarah M.; Elmer, Jonathan; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(3):e0648, March 2022.

Association Between ICU-Acquired Hypernatremia and In-Hospital Mortality: Data From the Medical Information Mart for Intensive Care III and the Electronic ICU Collaborative Research Database

Olsen, Markus Harboe; Møller, Marcus; Romano, Stefano; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(12):e0304, December 2020.

Use of Inhaled Volatile Anesthetics for Longer Term Critical Care Sedation: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Jerath, Angela; Wong, Kelvin; Wasowicz, Marcin; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(11):e0281, November 2020.

Doppler Interrogation of the Femoral Vein in the Critically Ill Patient: The Fastest Potential Acoustic Window to Diagnose Right Ventricular Dysfunction?

Denault, André Y.; Aldred, Matthew P.; Hammoud, Ali; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(10):e0209, October 2020.

Machine Learning Prediction of Death in Critically Ill Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019

Churpek, Matthew M.; Gupta, Shruti; Spicer, Alexandra B.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(8):e0515, August 2021.

Dexmedetomidine and Other Analgosedatives Alter Pupil Characteristics in Critically Ill Patients

Chan, Wang Pong; Prescott, Brenton R.; Barra, Megan E.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(5):e0691, May 2022.

Assessment of 28-Day In-Hospital Mortality in Mechanically Ventilated Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019: An International Cohort Study

Li Bassi, Gianluigi; Suen, Jacky Y.; White, Nicole; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(11):e0567, November 2021.

Pediatric Sepsis Definition—A Systematic Review Protocol by the Pediatric Sepsis Definition Taskforce

Menon, Kusum; Schlapbach, Luregn J.; Akech, Samuel; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(6):e0123, June 2020.

Protocolized Tracheal and Thoracic Ultrasound for Confirmation of Endotracheal Intubation and Positioning: A Multicenter Observational Study

Senussi, Mourad H.; Kantamneni, Phani C.; Latifi, Mani; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(9):e0225, September 2020.

The PANDORA Study: Prevalence and Outcome of Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure in the Pre-COVID-19 Era

Villar, Jesús; Mora-Ordoñez, Juan M.; Soler, Juan A.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(5):e0684, May 2022.

Concomitant Sepsis Diagnoses in Acute Myocardial Infarction-Cardiogenic Shock: 15-Year National Temporal Trends, Management, and Outcomes

Jentzer, Jacob C.; Bhat, Anusha G.; Patlolla, Sri Harsha; More

Critical Care Explorations. 4(2):e0637, February 2022.

Camostat Mesylate May Reduce Severity of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Sepsis: A First Observation

Hofmann-Winkler, Heike; Moerer, Onnen; Alt-Epping, Sabine; More

Critical Care Explorations. 2(11):e0284, November 2020.

PHarmacist Avoidance or Reductions in Medical Costs in Patients Presenting the EMergency Department: PHARM-EM Study

Rech, Megan A.; Adams, William; Smetana, Keaton S.; More

Critical Care Explorations. 3(4):e0406, April 2021.