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September 2000 - Volume 36 - Issue 3
pp: 283-416

Systemic, Pulmonary, and Renal Hemodynamic Effects of Endothelin ETA/B-Receptor Blockade in Patients with Maintained Left Ventricular Function

Fleisch, Martin; Sütsch, Gabor; Yan, Xiao Wei; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology. 36(3):302-309, September 2000.

Protective Effects of Delapril Combined with Indapamide or Hydrochlorothiazide in Spontaneously Hypertensive Stroke-Prone Rats: A Comparative Dose-Response Analysis

Boschi, Sabina; Vantaggiato, Giuseppe; Torri, Carla; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology. 36(3):321-328, September 2000.

Calcium Antagonist Protects the Myocardium from Reperfusion Injury by Interfering with Mechanisms Directly Related to Reperfusion: An Experimental Study with the Ultrashort-Acting Calcium Antagonist Clevidipine

Segawa, Daisuke; Sjöquist, Per-Ove; Wang, Qing-Dong; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology. 36(3):338-343, September 2000.

Prevention of Doxorubicin (Adriamycin)-Induced Cardiomyopathy by Simultaneous Administration of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Assessed by Acoustic Densitometry

Tokudome, Takeshi; Mizushige, Katsufumi; Noma, Takahisa; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology. 36(3):361-368, September 2000.

Propranolol Diminishes Cardiac Hypertrophy But Does Not Abolish Acceleration of the Ischemic Contracture in Hyperthyroid Hearts

Pantos, Constantinos I.; Mourouzis, Iordanis S.; Tzeis, Stylianos M.; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology. 36(3):384-389, September 2000.